Le Pavillon de Vallet


Elegant and restrained, the « Pavillon de Vallet » is a vacation home that will delight lovers of old houses. Each stone of this small mansion, probably built between the late seventeenth and early eighteenth century, seems to have been destined for posterity. Happily, this house has kept many original features – terracotta floors, white limestone fireplaces, tile roof, large windows with fanlights…


Time seems to have stood still in this house which nestles in the heart of a 3 hectares park on the south bank of the Cher which flows past the end of the garden. You will find many vestiges of ancient times that give this house its authenticity – the remains of a Roman aqueduct, a staircase which ascends to heaven, an oven which it is said was once used by monks to manufacture wafers, and a well.


In a hamlet in a heritage site, the “Pavillon de Vallet” is surrounded by wooded hills, grassland and a towpath along the river. A succession of mills, manor houses and other small chateaux built between the sixteenth and nineteenth century will delight casual walkers.


The house has a courtyard and a cottage garden which is crossed before entering the house through a vestibule paved with large stones. Opposite the garden there is a porch with two volees. From there, overlooking the park and its flowered path, the pond and waterfalls, we see the summer house with original wallpaper and further a meadow lined by a hawthorn hedge beyond which we discover the River Cher.


Today, the new owners scrupulously respect the old elements and chose a complementary classic design. For their guests, there are two bedrooms and a special and personalized welcome.